Myrtle Beach Domestic Violence Center Conserved By A Federal Grant

Myrtle Beach, SC (WBTW)– The Family Justice Center of Horry and Georgetown Counties got a $435,000 grant to continue supplying assistance to victims of domestic abuse.

Vicki Bourus with the Family Justice Center stated there about 35,000 reports in South Carolina each year of domestic violence. In spite of the variety of reports and that South Carolina ranks 5th in the country for ladies eliminated by males, the Family Justice Center has had a hard time to keep the Myrtle Beach workplace open.

Funding to keep the Myrtle Beach center open has not corresponded, but center leaders hope the brand-new grant will permit them to keep using services like crisis intervention, therapy, submitting court files, or discovering victims a safe place to remain.

” Getting that workplace opened and staffed has permitted social services people, therapists, and police officers to know where to bring the victims to obtain that instant care that they need,” discusses Bourus.

The Victim of Crime Act grant is a federal grant that originates from charges or fines paid by bad guys bought to pay a specific quantity of money. Bourus stated because of grants like this, the Family Justice Center can take more actions to ending the cycle of domestic violence.

” We know that kids that mature in violent houses frequently mature to duplicate that habits,” stated Bourus. “Therefore, the neighborhood is impacted adversely by those people entering into the population that has matured in violence and typically wind up committing violence.”.